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This website is the homepage of the "International Association for Migration Studies", registered in Austria (registration no. 330456079). We aim to promote scientific and interdisciplinary knowledge on migration at a regional, national Austrian, European, international, intercontinental and global level. In order reach these aims the following activities are set into action:

establishing the new international online publishing channel "International Migration Press" (IMP);

establishing the new international online "Journal of Migration & Integration Studies" (JMIS);
A call for papers for the first issue 2013 is online !

offering interesting copyright-free (or copyright-negotiated) direct download material on migration research worldwide;

accumulating a linklist to interesting online-sources for "Migration Studies";

promoting public discussions about results of migration research on a regional, national and international level;

promoting and organizing innovative, interdisciplinary and international research on migration in Austria and at an European level, including theoretical as well as an empirical dimensions.

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Diese Website ist die Homepage des "Internationalen Vereins für Migrationsstudien e.V." (registriert in Österreich, ZVR-Nr. 330456079). Wir wollen wissenschaftlich fundiertes und interdisziplinäres Wissen über Migration auf allen Ebenen (regional, österreichisch national, europäisch, international, interkontinental und global) fördern und verbreiten. Dazu werden folgende Aktivitäten entfaltet:

"Internationaler Verein für Migrationsstudien (International Association for Migration Studies - IAMS)",
postal address: Gierkeweg 1, A-4040 Linz/D., Österreich/ Austria